Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions by our guests. We hope the below information is useful, however if the answer to your questions is not on this page, please contact us.


Please note the information on this page may change without prior notice.


How is the Albufeira Municipal Tourist Tax applied?

The Albufeira Municipal Tax, in force since May 21, 2024, is charged considering:

Amount: €2.00 per night per guest (from 13 years old)

Maximum: Applicable up to a maximum of 7 nights

Payment: Made directly to the hotel upon check-in

Application period: between April and October

Please note that the Albufeira Municipal Tourist Tax is not included in the price of your reservation.


Does Alfagar Aparthotels & Resorts have reservation terms?

Kindly note that after check-in no payments shall be refunded in case of early departures or modifications. The hotel reserves the right to charge a deposit of 200€ per apartment, which shall be returned at the end of the stay, after checking the apartment. If you wish to cancel your reservation, please send an email to   


All the requests / preferences from our guests will be considered, and we will do our very best to fulfil them, although they are never guaranteed.


Please also note that all guests must present a valid Identification document at "check-in", including children and babies. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to "check-in" to those who do not fulfil this obligation, with no place to any kind of reimbursement.


The hotel strictly prohibits any private parties or events hosted by guests within guest apartments or resort facilities. We are committed to providing a tranquil environment for all our guests, and request that all guests use the facilities in a manner that is considerate of other guests. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in creating a peaceful and enjoyable experience for everyone. 


We inform that the water slides for children at Alfagar Alto da Colina, Alfagar Aparthotel and Alfagar Village have a seasonal operation and are closed between 1st November and 31st March. The opening of the water slides takes place during the month of April, with no exact date specified. The availability of this facility is also subject to weather conditions. Please note that for Alfagar Alto da Colina guests, breakfast and / or Half Board can be served at Alfagar Aparthotel's restaurant which is part of Alfagar Group and situated in another building close to Alfagar Alto da Colina.


What time is check-in?

Check-in is from 4pm.

We kindly remind that on check-in, you must present the personal identification of all guests staying in the apartment.

What are the general recommendations for check in?

To ensure a faster and more comfortable check-in procedure, we recommend the following:

• If you can, please avoid checking in between 15h00 and 17h00, as this is the time where there is a greater number of customers in the Reception.

• Although the official check-in time is from 16h00, it is only after that time that we can confirm your apartment is available.

• If you wish to check-in earlier, we may start your check-in procedure from 12h00. From that moment we can provide you with the resort wristbands to identify Alfagar guests and this way you can start enjoying the resort facilities.

• If you can please provide us with an estimated time of arrival by placing a note when you’re finalizing your booking.

• Only one customer per apartment is required at the Reception desk for check-in. We kindly ask you to please bring identification documents (Portuguese Cartão de Cidadão or Passport) for all guests (including children and infants) – kindly note the drivers license is not a valid document for this purpose.

• When applicable, the guest who comes to the Reception must also indicate his / her vehicle's make, model and licence plate. 

• If your reservation requires a direct payment at the reception desk, we kindly ask you to please verify in advance the total amount of your reservation, in order to better prepare your method of payment (cash, debit or credit card - personal checks are not accepted). 

What time is check-out?

Check-out is until 11am

When is breakfast served?

Breakfast buffet is served from 8am to 10.30am


  • Alfagar Aparthotel + Alfagar Village: Oliveira Restaurant
  • Alfagar Alto da Colina: The Palm Restaurant

Do you offer free Wifi?

We offer free Wifi throughout our aparthotels. 

The speed of the connection allows for basic internet use, so you can for example check your emails, browse the daily news and check updates on social media. 

Where are you located?

All 4 Alfagar properties are located in the Algarve, more precisely in the city of Albufeira. In the Balaia / Santa Eulália Beach area you can find Alfagar Village, Alfagar Aparthotel and Alfagar Alto da Colina. Our other property, Alfagar Cerro Malpique is located in the city centre of Albufeira.

Do you have a map of the resorts?

Alfagar Village, Alfagar Aparthotel and Alfagar Alto da Colina are located very close to each other. You can view a joint map of these properties on this link:

Which Resort is more suitable for families/children?

All our hotels are great options for families, with apartments that include equipped kitchens. In terms of leisure, you will find a greater offer at Alfagar Alto da Colina, Alfagar Aparthotel and Alfagar Village. These 3 properties include children's playgrounds, children's slides, a wide variety of swimming pools, football pitches, tennis courts, kids club and a seasonal program of activities. Alfagar Aparthotel and Alfagar Village are located in the same complex which includes direct access to the beach. Although Alfagar Alto da Colina is located across the road from the other two resorts, it is also very close to the beach, approximately 700m away. Please note that some activities are seasonal.

What is the maximum occupancy of each apartment?

The maximum occupancy per apartment, which cannot be exceeded, is as follows:

Studio Apartment - 3 people;
One bedroom apartment – 4 people;
Two bedroom apartment - 6 people;
Three bedroom apartment - 8 people;

We do not offer extra beds.

Are pets allowed at the resort?

No, pets are not allowed in the Resort

Is a security payment requested?

A security deposit of €200 can be requested upon check-in

Is it possible to check-in earlier? If so, does a fee apply?

There are no fees for early check-ins, however, please note that this option is subject to availability. If the apartment where you are staying is not ready to check in upon your early arrival, you can leave your belongings with our reception staff and enjoy the resort facilities until the apartment is ready to welcome you.

Is late check-out possible? If so, does a fee apply?

Late check-out is subject to availability and can only be confirmed during your stay, directly with the reception team. When possible, late check-out is available until 3pm and rates range from €20 to €40, depending on the season. If you need to enjoy the apartment until a later time than 3 pm, it is only possible upon payment of the full stay of the room.

I liked the apartment I stayed in. Is it possible to guarantee the same or other specific apartment for my next stay?

In special requests, we ask you to send an email to, so that our reservations team can add a note to your booking. Although we cannot guarantee the assignment of your special request because it is subject to availability, we will do our best to satisfy your request.

Does the Resort have a Welcome Food & Drink package?

Yes, we can organize a Welcome Food & Drink pack to be delivered to your apartment upon arrival (except in Alfagar Cerro Malpique).


You can request one when booking your next stay on our website. By selecting dates and accommodation, you will see an option to enhance your stay, which will present the welcome packages. If you prefer to request by email, please inform our reservations team in advance by sending an email to


Pre-order a welcome pack to be provided on arrival. The Alfagar welcome food & drinks pack includes the following items:

- Milk (1lt)

- Water (1.5lt)

- Juice (1lt)

- Tea (10 individual bags)

- Coffee (10 individual bags)

- 1 Bread (sliced)

- Cheese and ham (6 shares each)

- Butter, Jam and Sugar (10 individual portions)

- Crackers (1 pack)

- Fruit (2 oranges and 2 apples)

Price: 27,50 € (VAT included)


If you want to add a bottle of wine (750ml), Crisps (1 medium bag) and 6 Eggs the price is 40,50 € (VAT included)

What accommodation regimes are available?

You can book one of the following options: Accommodation Only, Bed & Breakfast and also Half-Board (breakfast and dinner - drinks not included)

What are the costs of including breakfast and half board in my booking?

These are our prices per person/day, when booked for the entire duration of your stay:

Breakfast: Adults = 11,00€; Children = 50% (from 3 to 12 years)

Half board (Breakfast + Dinner - Drinks not included): Adults = 32,00€; Children = 50% (from 3 to 12 years)

Please note that these values do not apply in Alfagar Cerro Malpique.

Is it possible to upgrade to half board on an individual basis?

It is not possible to upgrade to half board on a daily basis, however you can decide which days you'd like to attend breakfast and dinner, at an individual cost of 14€ and 25€ per person, respectively. On the dinners we currently have a promo when booking 3 dinners at a total price per person of 66€ (instead of 75€). Kindly note that on the Half Board package, the drinks during dinner are not included on the price.

Does the Resort have accessible accommodation?

We have some adapted units at Alfagar Aparthotel and also at Alfagar Alto da Colina, but these are subject to hotel availability. If you want to proceed with a reservation for an apartment that is adapted to people with reduced mobility, contact our reservations team at the email address

Does the Resort have a spa, gym or health club facilities?

We do not have a spa on site, however we can provide massage treatments. These can be booked with the reception team during your stay.

We have a gym at Alfagar Aparthotel (and Alfagar Village, as both these properties are located in the same resort). The gym can be found in the -1 floor, next to the indoor pool.

The gym at Alfagar Alto da Colina can be found at the Colina 2 building, next to Giovanni's restaurant.

Alfagar Cerro Malpique does not have health club facilities.

Can children use the gym?

Children up to 12 years of age are not allowed to use the gym facilities.

I'm staying at one of Alfagar Resorts. Can I enjoy the facilities and services of the other Resorts of the group?

Guests staying at Alfagar Village, Alfagar Aparthotel and Alfagar Alto da Colina can circulate between resorts and enjoy all facilities and services of both resorts. Please note Alfagar Village and Alfagar Aparthotel are located in the same resort and the Alfagar Alto da Colina is situated very close by.

Does the Resort have vegetarian food?

Our restaurants offer vegetarian options for all meals of the day.

How should I proceed to inform about a specific allergy or diet?

If you have any allergies or specific dietary requirments you should contact the Resort where you will be staying, so that our teams can guarantee appropriate dining options for you.

Depending on which hotel you have booked, the email addresses are as follows:

- Alfagar Village + Alfagar Aparthotel:

- Alfagar Alto da Colina:


What are the times of the resort's pools? Is it necessary to wear a cap?

The resort's outdoor and indoor pools are open between 9am and 7pm. 

The outdoor pools with children's slides are open from 10am to 6pm.

Please note a swimming cap is required at the indoor pools.

Is there an age limit on the use of swimming pools?

There is no age limit for the swimming pools, however, children should be always supervised by an adult. 

Can the resort's pools be used by those who are not staying in the Resort?

Outside clients who are not staying with us can use the pool facilities of our resorts under the following conditions:


1 day:

- Adults: 20.00 euros

- Children (from 3 to 12 years of age): 10.00 euros


½ day (from 2 pm):

- Adults: 15.00 euros

- Children (from 3 to 12 years of age): 7.50 euros


This access is not possible between the 15th of June and the 15th of September. The access can be denied on days of higher occupancy, and can be changed without any prior notice.



Outside clients must be identified with a specific wristband that will be provided on arrival and at which time a cash deposit of 10.00 euros per wristband will also be requested (deposit to be returned at the end of the day when the wristbands are handed back to the hotel).

What are the opening dates of the children's water park?

We have two pools with slides for children in our resorts - one is located in Alfagar Aparthotel (note that Alfagar Village shares the same resort) and the other in Alfagar Alto da Colina.

They have a seasonal operation and are closed from November 1 to March 31. Its opening always takes place during the month of April, with no specified date, and is also subject to weather conditions.

Does the Resort have beach/pool towel service? If so, what's the cost?

Yes, at Alfagar Aparthotel, Alfagar Village and Alfagar Alto da Colina. Please note that the use of beach/pool towels has a cost of 5€ rental and 10€ deposit per towel (*) – and the deposit is refunded upon return of the towel at reception.

If you need to change or clean it, a value of 1.50€ is added

(*) Cash deposit (refundable)

Does the Resort have travel adapters?

We do not have travel adapters. However, if you don't want to travel with yours, you can buy adapters from our mini-market.

Does the Resort have hair dryers?

We have hair dryers in all properties.

Does the resort have restaurants? What are the opening times?

Yes. The restaurants and their schedules are as follows:


Alfagar Aparthotel

Oliveira Restaurant - Buffet for breakfast from 8am to 10.30am and dinner from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Cafeteria - From 12pm (noon) to 12am (midnight)

Red Bar - From 1pm to 12am (midnight)


Alfagar Village

Buganvilia Restaurant & Bar - From 10am to 12am (midnight) - Food only until 10.30pm.


Alfagar Alto da Colina

The Palm - Buffet for breakfast from 8am to 10.30am and dinner from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

The Tavern Bar – From 10am to 12am (midnight) - Food only until 10.00pm.

Giovanni's - Temporarily closed


Please note that some of the restaurants/bars are seasonally operated. In order to confirm if they are open, please contact the reception of the Resort where you are staying.

Does the resort have a luggage room?

Yes, we have a luggage room located at the reception at no additional cost.

How do I make use of the tennis court? What are the costs?

You can book the tennis court (Alfagar Village, Alfagar Aparthotel and Alfagar Alto da Colina) at the reception, at a cost of 10€ for 1 hour (15€ with equipment). The rental of the tennis court has a security deposit of 5€ which is refunded when returning the key of the same.
Please note that tennis lessons are not available.

How does the gym work?

The gym (Alfagar Aparthotel, Alfagar Village and Alfagar Alto da Colina) can be used from 9am to 8pm.

Does the resort have an indoor pool?

Yes, we have indoor pools at Alfagar Alto da Colina and Alfagar Aparthotel (please note Alfagar Village shares the same resort location). where we also have a heated pool with a retractable cover. 

Does the resort have parking?

With the exception of Alfagar Cerro Malpique (which only has nearby exterior parking), all our aparthotels have free outdoor parking within the complex. Parking cannot be booked.

Is it possible to charge electric cars in the resort?

We don't have charging stations for electric cars and therefore it is not possible to charge cars in our resorts. 


On the following link you can find the nearest charging points for electric cars:

Charging Stations

What equipment is available in the apartments?

All apartments are equipped with an oven, hob, microwave, kettle, coffee machine, a small fridge, freezing drawer and satellite TV.
In addition, they have the basic utensils to be able to cook, such as cutlery, dishes, pots, pans, glasses, among others.

We have available bed linen, bath and hand towels for each guest, toilet paper, shower gel, shampoo and soap.

We also offer, when requested and free of charge, cot (travel bed) and high chairs for babies.

We do not provide dishwashing detergent, dishwasher or washing machine. However, the resort has a laundry room on the 4th floor of Alfagar Alto da Colina and another in Alfagar Village near the pool next to Buganvilia Restaurant & Bar.

Do the apartments have a balcony?

All apartments have a balcony, and at Alfagar Aparthotel the balconies also have sunbeds.

Do the apartments have a double bed?

The apartments do not have a double bed, however, with prior notice we can request that the beds are made together.

Do all rooms have a TV?

All our apartments have a TV in the living room.

The Prestige apartments of Alfagar Aparthotel also have a TV in the rooms.

How often are the apartments cleaned?

Cleaning is done daily, except in situations that have been previously agreed and/or set in contractual terms.

How are the coffee machines?

All our coffee machines are filter.

Do all apartments have doors between rooms/living room?

All apartments have doors or sliding doors between bedrooms and seating area. The only exception is the studio apartment at Alfagar Cerro Malpique, which is an open space.

What are the terms of use for the safes?

We recommend that you use the safe in your apartment as the hotel is not responsible for any valuables / items left outside the safe. Any situation relating to missing valuables / items from the locked safe will always be subject to review and investigation by the competent authorities, as well as being subject to the general terms and specific conditions of the Insurance Company. The maximum insured amount is 1,000 euros.

Does the Resort have more information on transfer service from/to the airport?

For transfers between Faro Airport and Albufeira, we recommend that you fill the Transfer Request form on this page: 


Can the Resort help me rent a car?

When it comes to car rental, we recommend our partners Nicetrip Rent-a-Car. You can contact our Reception or Nicetrip directly via

Can the Resort help me book activities and tours outside the resort, such as theme parks, bike rentals and other experiences?

Our reception teams can help you with that. You can book activities when you arrive, or you can send us an email before your arrival. Depending on which resort you are staying, the email addresses are as follows:

- Alfagar Village + Alfagar Aparthotel:

Alfagar Alto da Colina:

- Alfagar Cerro Malpique:

What is the policy of cancelling direct bookings?

We recommend that you visit our cancellation policy documentation for more information -