Restaurants & Bars

Experience the Portuguese culinary with our vast selection of restaurants and bars. Due to close proximity between all our properties, we highly recommend you to try the various options we are proud to present.


Start the day with a healthy breakfast, the most important meal of all, before embarking on a culinary journey in our restaurants. A devoted team of Chefs and our brilliant restaurant team members are looking forward to welcoming you to our restaurants in order to provide you with the warm and very famous Portuguese hospitality.


Our various bars are also a highlight of the Alfagar experience, where a dedicated team can provide you with the most refreshing drinks and cocktails throughout the day.


Watch out for the weekly programs during your holidays in order to find out the best spots to enjoy live music and entertainment shows.


*Note: some of the below outlets’ operation may be seasonal and therefore the opening times may differ throughout the year. Contact the aparthotels directly if you would like to confirm any opening times.